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Cam Analyzing using our Cam Pro Plus. Cam Pro Plus is a software and sensor package for measuring and analyzing lifter and valve motion profiles. This is an ideal tool for measuring lift, duration, opening, closing, centerline, lobe separation, and cam factor. Cams can be measured on a test stand or installed in the engine. 

This tool is perfect for cams that do not have a part number to identify the cam profile. You can also overlay multiple cams to compare profile differences.


Valvetrain Analyzing using our Spintron    When it comes to engine development and testing, what you don't know can hurt you. Whether you're building an entire engine or one specific component, you may need to factor in hundreds of variables. The Spintron allows you to independently test and evaluate nearly every one of those variables in order to maximize performance and durability.

Using the Laser Valve Tracking System can precisely identify, document and record crucial characteristics of the valvetrain such as valve bounce, lofting, spring harmonics, and pushrod deflection.

The Spintron allows you to compare valvetrain stability at various RPM's, which is a precise way to prove or disprove new products, theories and materials.