Welcome to Ray Barton Racing Engines!


Our Rottler F69A CNC Machine precisely corrects all machined surfaces. It features a probing function that allows us to review the locations of the existing machine work and correct it accordingly to any size and location requested. Most of our customers are surprised by the variances in machine work, even with brand new blocks. The 4th axis also permits us to machine your lifter bores to virtually any angle your block can handle.

CNC Block Machining

  • Probe Block Locations - Free of Charge          
  • Bore Cylinders 
  • Bore Lifter Holes
  • Bore Cam Journals
  • Bore Main Journals
  • Install Billet Caps
  • Resurface Decks
  • Gear/Belt Drive Clearancing
  • Pushrod Clearancing
  • Clearance for Increased Stroke
  • Install Cylinder Sleeves
  • O-Ring Cylinders
  • Relieve Pan Rails
  • Block Lightening

General Block Labor

  • Hone Cylinders with Deck Plate
  • Align Hone Mains
  • Hone Lifter Bores
  • Install Roller Cam Bearings
  • Sonic Test Cylinder Bores
  • Hard-Block Water Jackets
  • Magnaflux & Clean
  • Jet wash