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Anyone who is familiar with the name, Ray Barton Racing Engines (RBRE), knows that they’re directly connected with the world’s front running Chrysler drag cars. Besides building NHRA competition engines, RBRE develops and assembles all types of internal combustion engines. RBRE specializes in different levels of engine preparation, whether it’s a daily driver, factory restoration, or an all out race engine.

In addition to building complete engine combinations, RBRE also offers full product lines from parts suppliers you know and trust. RBRE works hand-in-hand with Chrysler and other major manufacturers on parts being developed. This means that many of the products used already have RBRE expertise built in.

At RBRE, 99% of the services provided are done in-house on state-of-the-art equipment. Every RBRE customer benefits from hands on experience. RBRE understands that their success depends on their customer’s satisfaction.

Stacey David's "GEARZ"

Chop Cut Rebuild

Project: 1970 'Cuda-July 2009: